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Africa 2014/2016 - Africa Package

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Africa Business Databases

Africa Business Databases - Africa Package
Information of your Business partners in Africa

Africa Package - Discover Africa business listings - Africa Business Databases
750,000 Records - 20 Countries
Algeria - Angola - Benin - Burkina Faso - Burundi  - Cameroon - Chad - Congo - Djibouti - Ethiopia - Egypt - Ghana - Kenya - Libya - Madagascar - Mali - Morocco - Nigeria - Sudan - South Africa - Tanzania
Discover business listings Sample in Excel750,000 business listings in thousands business categories
incl. contact names, employee size, annual sales, email & web address, product & services
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Egypt 2014/2016 - Egypt Mailing Leads

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Comprehensive Mailing Leads from Egypt

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Find your Business Partners in Egypt
154,000 business listings in 70 business categories 
incl. Named Business Contacts, Employee Range, Email & web address, Year Founded
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Nigeria 2014/2016 - Nigeria Business Database Companies

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Nigeria Business Database
Business Database Lists

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Nigeria Business Database Lists in ExcelFind your Business Partners in Nigeria  
31,000 business listings in 20,200 business categories
contact names, email & web address, products & services
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South Africa 2014/2016 - South African company profiles

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South Africa Business Database
South African company profiles and industry information 

Discover South Africa business listings - South Africa Business Database
Discover business listings Sample & business categories in ExcelFind your Business Partners in South Africa
460,000 business listings in 129 business categories
incl. decision makers, employees, email  & web address, product & services
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