Germany Business List & Sales Leads

German Business List & Sales Leads

German Business mailing lists contain company names and addresses for businesses nationwide.


Germany - Austria - Switzerland 2017 - Best ADDRESS Small Business


Best ADRESS Small Business Packages
A small secret

Best ADDRESS Small Business Packages
  Germany - Austria - Switzerland
 With Best ABest ADRESS - Branchenübersicht im PDF-FormatDDRESS increase your sales success, reduce your expenses and save time.
 4,500,000 business listings in over 3,000 business categories
 from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
 including 2 million contacts, company size, e-mail
 Various data exports for the single application possible!

Germany 2015 - Gas station addresses


Gas station addresses
Addresses of service stations in Germany

Petrol stations addresses
Aral - Shell -  Esso - TOTAL - AVIA - JET - STAR - Agip - OMV - Raiffeisen - Pooltank - etc
Tankstellenadressen  - Sample in Excel-Format13,000 Stations with group membership
including brand, operator, tenant, E-mail Address
Unlimited exporting capabilities!

Germany 2017 - Germany Mailing Lists & Sales Leads

Pinpoint Consulting
Germany Contacts on CD & Download

Germany Mailing Lists & Sales Leads
Firmendatenbank Deutschland in Excel

Germany Mailing Lists & Sales Leads
Firmendatenbank Deutschland in ExcelGünstige deutsche Firmenadressen kaufen
944,000 business listings in 5,100 business categories
incl. email & web address
Unlimited exportation capabilities!

Germany 2017 - Adressbuch der deutschen Firmen

Adressbuch der deutschen Firmen

Adressbuch der deutschen Firmen 
Services - Industry - Trade - Travel and tourism - Craft

Adressbuch der deutschen Firmen - Firmenadressen
Adressbuch der deutschen Firmen Corporate databases with business listings & enterprises
1,240,000 business listings in 630 business categories 
incl. contact names & 100% emails
Unlimited exporting capabilities !

Germany - Austra - Switzerland 2016 - MailCom Firmenadressen

MailCom Firmenadressen

MailCom Business Listings
German, Austrian and Swiss Business Listings

MailCom Firmenadressen zum Flatrate-Preis
Musteradressen der  MailCom Firmenadressen zum Flatrate-PreisBusiness lists including internet and e-mail-contacts and detailed description of business categories
4,270,000 business listings from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 1,000+ business categories
 incl. contact names, e-mail & web address
Unlimited exportation capabilities !

Germany - Austria - Switzerland 2013/2014- Auto Dealers Addresses


Car dealer addresses
Addresses bound brand car dealers and service companies

car dealer - addresses - second-hand car dealer
Autohändleradressen Deutschland & Europa - Sample in Excel-FormatCar dealer adresses for Germany, Austria, Switzerland & BeNeLux
+40,000 business listings from the automobile, truck & motorbike area
incl. car distribution group , email & web address as well as further informations
Unlimited exporting capabilities!  

Germany 2017 - Qualified medicine addresses in Excel

Ärzteadressen in Excel

Practitioners Addresses Germany
Doctors addresses in Excel

Practitioners Addresses Germany
Qualified medicine addresses in Excel Qualified medicine addresses in Excel
130,700 doctors in 29 special areas
incl. contact person,title, phone, fax, email 
Unlimited exportation capabilities !