Canada Business Database

Canada 2015 - Canada Business Database

Canada Business Database
2+ million unique Canadian businesses

Canada Business Database
Worldwide Marketing List & International Mailing List from 70+ Countries -  Sample in Excel-Format
Updated business database in Excel format
2,000,000 business listings in 5,000 business categories
incl. decision makers, employees & turnover
Unlimited exportation capabilities !

Canada Business Database

2+ million unique businesses

> Great for direct marketing

Listings & Searchable by: SIC Code & Category (5000+ categories), Business Name, Address, Postcode, Phone Number, Fax (where availiable- 400,000+), Employee Count, Revenue Estimate and Key contact. 

  • Use file for marketing, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Target industries, suburbs or even streets.

File comes in two formats:

- Excel 2007 format (with drop down Excel filters to make searching and filtering of data easier). Columns have Excel filters to make searching and filtering of data easier.

- CSV - one CSV file which can be used with database application such as Access.

Note users require either Excel 2007 and onwards or database application such as MS Access.

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