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Malaysia Business Database
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Malysia Business Database
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Discover Malaysia business listings - Malaysia Business Databases
Business Lists Databases - Sample in ExcelFind your Business Partners in Malaysia 
318,000 business listings in 82,000 business categories
contact names, email & web address, products & services
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 Malaysia Business Database Companies

Release/Update Date: 2014
Revised Edition: 2016

Discover Malaysia Companies is essentially produced for international exporters, importers, manufacturers, traders and merchants looking to establish contacts with their business counterparts.

Discover Malaysia Companies is a must for export-oriented enterprises looking for business partners in the booming trading hub of the world.

Target your Business by the Malaysia Business Databases.


Country Mayasia
 Companies   318764
 Telephone  317256
 Fax  150570
 email  29497
 URL  35541
 Manager  29017

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